Rise to the Top: Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Steven “The Ninja” Nguyen

Sweat drenched cage. Blood smeared face. Ear drums bursting from the roar of the arena. Adrenaline rushing through your veins at 100mph. This is MMA. These are the Gladiators of our Century...


How to Get a Soccer Scholarship to the U.S.A (Step by Step Guide)

It was 2009 when I was 16 and began the long… long… long journey to America. A LOT has changed since then. Scholarships to the U.S are far more popular now with thousands of kids going every year and the internet brimming with help, support and testimonials on how it all works. I wish all this information had been available to me when I began, so I hope this blog helps even just one person in pursuing their dream...

A Vegans Day Out. A Short Story About Lettuce by Lauren Randall

“To my baby nephew Charlie, May you never have to cut a single lettuce in your sweet and innocent life” Ever wondered what seven hours of cutting lettuce is like? Ever wondered what 7 hours of cutting lettuce with six asian people in total silence is like? GREAT, then settle in kids, this is the… Continue reading A Vegans Day Out. A Short Story About Lettuce by Lauren Randall

Relationchips With Food

But why can’t I eat a portion of chips once in a while and be OKAY with it. I know ONE portion of chips is not going to ruin my life. It is not going to make me gain 60lb. It is not going to come after me in the night with a bottle of mayo shouting “YOU ATE US YOU FAT FUCK NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY!”.