How to Get a Soccer Scholarship to the U.S.A

 It was 2009 when I was 16 and began the long… long… long journey to America. Scholarships to the U.S are far more popular now with thousands of kids following their dreams and making their way across the pond each year. I have written these step-by-step guide on how it all works, covering all bases and answering questions I had all those years ago.  I hope this blog helps even just one person in pursuing their dream!

So, after more than 8 years of soccer scholarship, U.S University, VISA and work experience, here are my step-by-step instructions on; HOW TO GET A SCHOLARSHIP IN THE U.S.
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  1. Start your research NOW. 1.5+ years before you plan to move
  2. Join a legitimate agency OR research schools (Colleges/ Universities) you want to apply to
  3. Get quality, recent, video footage
  4. Send coaches your CV, references and video footage.
    – Football teams and awards. School Grades, work & volunteering all included
    – A reference from a Recent/ current coach discussing your qualities as a player on/ off the field
    – Don’t forget to add your video footage, I uploaded mine to youtube and sent a link
  5. SEND MORE EMAILS! (Click link for what an email should look like/ include)
    – You don’t want to nag and annoy a coach emailing EVERY day, but if you haven’t heard anything after a few days, send them a friendly reminder you are still interested.
    – Send to as many coaches as possible (to appropriately fitting schools) The more you send the more chance you have of being recruited
  6. Apply for your SAT exam.
    – America doesn’t have GCSE/ A Level so this SAT exam is how they see where you are at academically. (You can buy books online to help study for this which I strongly advise you do.)
  7. When a coach decides they want you and you have at least verbally committed, they will put you in contact with the schools Admissions Office and your own Admissions Counselor. They will help you with anything from applying to the school, payments, sorting your i20 form to enrolling in classes.
  8. You MUST provide a bank statement to show evidence that you can fund your tuition
  9. Apply for your F1 STUDENT VISA.
    – Go the U.S Embassy to interview and be accepted for your VISA (London/ Dublin)
  10. Purchase International Health Insurance (You need this)
  11. Book your flights
  12. Live the dream

That took 2 years to complete with the help of an agency. Travelling up and down the country for trials, video footage events, Newcastle for my SAT, London for the VISA, the waiting around time to hear back from admissions with the addition of time difference. You have to keep pestering coaches and counselors to make sure they are keeping on top of your paperwork. I20’s and VISA’s are no joke, they can take months to sort, weeks to arrive, or not even be accepted at all.

free kick


What should my email to a coach look like/ include?

What is a U.S Soccer coach looking for?

How do I know what Schools to apply to?

What is a GPA? What is considered a good GPA?

What is NAIA and NCAA?

Is there a difference between a College and University?

What degree will I graduate with?

What is a Junior College (Juco)?

Can I get a job in the U.S on a student visa?

Do I need an American cell phone?

Can I drive/ hire a car with a UK license?

What happens if I get ill/ injured?

If you have ANY other questions or need any help at all please do not hesitate to email/ message me 🙂

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