The Thousand Steps Beach

Tucked away in Southern Orange County, California lays the beautiful Laguna Beach. While it attracts locals as well as tourists from all over the world to its sandy beaches and clear blue seas, relaxation and a glowing tan was far from the reason for my visit.

To access the beach you must first hike down over 200 steep steps to the shore. Sounds easy, right? Well it’s closer to 230 actually. Ok, 230 steps then, easy. Ok now run down the steps, run back up the steps and repeat over 10 times… not so easy now is it!?

These steep steps down are hugely popular for fitness fanatics. While the actual number of steps is around 230 (sorry I didn’t keep count while sweating my balls off), when using it for your cardio workout hitting at least 1000 steps is accurate.

While there I witnessed walkers, sprinters, jumpers and even people spider-man climbing up and down the handrails. The original plan was to run up and down four or five times, but once you get going it is hard to stop. Just one more… ok one more set… ok for real this is the last one…

And when you’re done? Give yourself a big ole pat on the back and spend the rest of your day soaking up the sun, toes in the sand, and praying your ass DOMS is not that bad. (It was that bad)laguna


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