Wodventures: Crossfit in Paradise

Whenever I travel I am always very conscious that I have missed a workout, that my meals are off, that I will return home with six chins, an extra belly and airplane fees for excess weight. But what if we could explore the world, visit the most remote and beautiful places on Earth AND get our WOD in… what!? I hear you say, but how!?

Well my dear crossfitting friends, let me introduce you to Wodventures: “fitness focused adventures, taking people to exotic locations and giving them a chance to rejuvenate their minds while improving general fitness and well-being.” Sounds bloody marvellous to me.

Partnered with boxes around the world in locations such as, Hawaii, Cook Islands, Iceland and South Africa, and although they are Crossfit emphasized, they are not exclusive to crossfitters only. These trips are for anyone who wants to try new things, see new places, meet new people and stay active. Breathing with the sunrise at beach yoga, tropical treks through the luscious jungle, swimming, or in my case doggy paddling, through the crystal clear waters of the ocean… It really is the workout of a lifetime!

I feel like this is the kind of place you’d have one of those life-altering epiphanies or would “find yourself”. Toes tucked in the warm sand, waves gently rolling in, eyes gazing over the horizon… ooo I’m getting a little belly tingle just thinking about it!

Well this all sounds lovely jubbly, but it is bloody expensive. I can’t justify spending $2000-$3000 for a week of finding myself, so my life-altering epiphany is put on hold for now. But a Wodventure is definitely on the bucket list for me.



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