HG3 Fitness

In 2011 I moved to America on a Soccer Scholarship and in 2013 transferred to a team who were Nationally Ranked #11 at the time. The summer leading up to this transfer I knew I HAD to get fitter, faster and stronger if I wanted any playing time.

I had never even heard of crossfit before, but I was told that a new place had opened up in Pannal, “Crossfit HG3” that would kick my ass… Oh boy did it kick my ass! I had never had a near death experience until these workouts! I finished every session in a sweat puddle heaped on the floor. But in the short space of 6 weeks I learnt SO much about weight training, proper form and how to push harder than I ever had before. I returned to the U.S and smashed all the fitness tests, coming 3rd in a squad of 36. I put my fitness success and continued love for weightlifting down to the help of Pete and Rudds at HG3!


Four years later I moved back to England and was in search of a gym. Crossfit HG3 had changed to a bigger and better location and were now called “HG3 Fitness”, with tons more equipment, classes and space! As soon as I walked in Pete stopped mid-workout to come over and give me a big sweaty hug. “Ahh I already like this place again”. The room was buzzing. The space was huge. It was like walking into an adult gym version of the Jungle Bungle! I explained to Pete how my VISA had expired and was now looking for a new job and starting up my life again and he offered me a month free membership while I got settled back in. I left knowing I had found the gym family I was looking for!

(Click here for your free trial week… go say Hi!)

When you ask people to describe HG3 Fitness you hear words like, “family” and “community” because that’s exactly what they are. Lets be honest, Harrogate, on the whole, can be a very snobby and cliquey town with a lot of gymtimidation many people avoid. But not at HG3! Sitting on the outskirts of Harrogate near Pannal, this fitness home is all about motivating each other, maintaining a positive environment for EVERYONE, and has a 100% NO dickhead policy.


It doesn’t matter if you have never been to a gym in your life, or are aiming for the Olympics, or are 8 or 88 years old, HG3 Fitness welcomes absolutely everybody and will help you and push you to reach your goals no matter what they are. They have HG3 kids to help your little ones begin their fitness journey, HG3 Strong Mums for you wonderful mothers out there wanting to get back at it, as well as yoga, boxing, barbell and rowing classes. Small class sizes with a max. of 14 people allow for a lot of individual help when needed, which is brilliant for ensuring everyone is using correct form… and not slacking 😉


NEW to HG3 is their SWEAT workout. Free to all members, this newest timetable addition is a 45 minute hardcore, high intensity endurance workout aimed to leave you SWEATing! Check out the HG3 class timetable here.

So, after 10 months of consistently sweating my balls off, learning new exercises, smashing PB’S and meeting some incredible people, I can’t recommend HG3 fitness highly enough. If you are looking for a friendly environment, year-round motivation, nutritional guidance and to smash the shit out of your 2018 goals, then HG3 Fitness is the place to be. (Pete doesn’t even know I’m writing this so it’s of no benefit to me to publish, only that this gym deserves every success it continues to get!) See y’all there 🙂


This Saturday, January 13th @ 11am, HG3 are hosting a FREE nutrition event, simply to help improve our understanding on maintaining a sustainable diet and how to fuel our bodies healthily. You don’t have to be a member so sign up here and get your place booked!


Follow HG3 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or find them at Follifoot Ridge Business Park… You won’t regret it!



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