What the F*** Are We Doing?

Anyone else in their twenties with no fucking idea what they’re doing? … Cool me too.

Now, anyone in their thirties, forties even fifties and above also looking for some answers? Awesome, so that’s most of us then. I feel better already 😅

Most of the people I speak to, regardless of age, gender, job etc, seem to be fairly unsure about what they want, where they’re going, how they think they should get there, if they’re “doing it right” and were all sort of just winging it. There are some people who think they have it all figured out, on their right path, monthly goals and targets being ticked off one by one, money rolling in, and good for them. But they already closed this post, so let me continue on behalf of the rest of us.

Not knowing what you want to do with your life can pretty confusing and stressful, especially if you’re surrounded by people who pretend they have got all their shit figured our (I’m looking at you Instagram). There are thousands of books, podcasts and videos out there to help motivate us, spark that burning flame of passion, get us revved up and ready to go… but what if you have all that passion and ambition and drive and motivation, but simply don’t know where to put it? Which direction to go. Where are our skills going to be put to best use? Which way will lead us to what we want, what DO we want?… Who fucking knows.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an Author… then a Footballer, then a Journalist, then a Physiotherapist, then an Athletic Trainer, then in the Military, strongly considered stripping at one point, a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach and finally, humanitarian work. (Stripping is still in consideration with how my bank statements are looking).

How many of you can relate to having all these different ideas and passions and hobbies throughout our lives? That would probably be EVERYONE. We grow, we learn, we change and adapt and see the world differently, we meet people, we lose people, we take different paths and want to do different things. I thought I had my life mapped out in America then BAM I’m back in England with an entirely different life altogether. 14 months later I’m in Australia living another totally different life. What I’m realising is, it’s actually very much ok to not have a fucking clue.

So what is my advice to anyone (including myself) who feels like this?


Do it all. Learn as much as you can. Travel as far as you can. Read, watch, listen, explore, evolve, grow, get fired, quit, FAIL… If you don’t know what to do, then do everything. Why hold back or restrict yourself to one place, one job, one path, when the entire world is out there to give a go! See what grasps you, what’s a bit of you, what isn’t, what do you love, what don’t you enjoy. You have nothing to lose. And don’t worry about failing, that’s the best way to learn! (Oh god I’m starting to sound like those cheesy inspo’ travel memes with people looking into the distance #deep)

BUT, the best part is, you don’t even need money to do it. I’m currently on a FREE writing course with the Open University (they offer lots of free courses). I listen to podcasts or read books or watch videos every single day. Even meeting new people and connecting is free. We should be on an absolute mission to learn everything we can about everything from everywhere and everyone!

I don’t travel for the nice beach pics and tan…. ok maybe the tan a bit… but one of my reasons for traveling is to learn. I know that sounds mega nerdy and maybe I should be shagging my way across Magaluf knee deep in Pina Coladas, but everyone’s on their own path right?! You don’t even have to travel far, or spend thousands on flights and exotic locations (like Shagaluf). Hop on the 36 bus from Ripon to Leeds and you’re already in a vastly different place with different people and cultures. Go to an Arsenal Vs Tottenham game and sit in the oppositions section, that’ll be a learning curve for ya. Just get out there and try shit. (Gunner 4 Lyf)

You have nothing stopping you from trying. You have nothing to lose by exploring all options. You have no idea what is around the corner, so go look!! We might just start to figure shit out.

*inserts 15 deep irrelevantly captioned memes looking into the distance about love laughter and life* ✌🏼


1 thought on “What the F*** Are We Doing?”

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts Lauren. They inspire me, make me giggle, make me cringe, make me think and most of all… they make me proud to know you.

    I often tell your mum how much I admire you, as well as what you do and how you do it. You really are an inspiration and you should maybe (in my humble opinion) re-consider being an author because I think stripping will only leave you feeling cold!


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