People, aka our trusted memes, always say that forgiveness is for you and not for the other person and I always thought “yeah that makes total sense, let go, be at peace, all that good vibes shit”. But recently I have been really struggling to actually grasp this and live by it. I thought I… Continue reading Forgiveness


Being Open and Adaptive

Now this is something I could bang on about forever. There is so much to talk about when it comes to being able to adapt and respond to change, but I like to try and keep these posts short and.... sweary. So let's have it. Animals have to adapt for survival. Humans are no exception… Continue reading Being Open and Adaptive

What the F*** Are We Doing?

Anyone else in their twenties with no fucking idea what they’re doing? ... Cool me too. Now, anyone in their thirties, forties even fifties and above also looking for some answers? Awesome, so that’s most of us then. I feel better already 😅 Most of the people I speak to, regardless of age, gender, job… Continue reading What the F*** Are We Doing?

22 Things I’ve Learnt About Having Kids

For the past few weeks I have been working as an Au Pair for a family on the Gold Coast. I look after two young boys, 20 months (year and a half in non-mum terms) and 38 months (just over 3... I’m not sure when we stop counting age in months 🤔) They have a… Continue reading 22 Things I’ve Learnt About Having Kids

A Fascinating Short Story About Lettuce by Lauren Randall

“To my baby nephew Charlie, May you never have to cut a single lettuce in your sweet and innocent life” Ever wondered what seven hours of cutting lettuce is like? Ever wondered what 7 hours of cutting lettuce with six asian people in total silence is like? GREAT, then settle in kids, this is the… Continue reading A Fascinating Short Story About Lettuce by Lauren Randall

Relationchips With Food

But why can’t I eat a portion of chips once in a while and be OKAY with it. I know ONE portion of chips is not going to ruin my life. It is not going to make me gain 60lb. It is not going to come after me in the night with a bottle of mayo shouting “YOU ATE US YOU FAT FUCK NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY!”.