Hi there! I’m Lauren

Welcome to Barbelle & Brews – The Global Intern

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I am a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer, with a passion for fitness, travel and laughing, (and Disney). My goal in life is to know everything, go everywhere and meet everyone… And maybe set more realistic goals for myself?

After six years studying, working and playing Soccer in America and upon completion of my Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coaching Certification I decided I wanted my internship to be world-wide. I want to find and experience EVERY type of workout and fitness adventure there is to offer. Interviewing, training and meeting with world class coaches, athletes and health professionals.

The world is a big place my friends and how better to learn than to just do it (not sponsored by Nike) and see for myself.


Join me and my itchy feet on a journey of health, fitness AND self-discovery (because I’m 24 with no F***ing idea what I’m doing with my life) and I promise to keep you entertained and in the know.

I also promise that I won’t wear any snazzy yoga pants, or “lets taco bout” “cardio is hardio” “hakuna masquata” crop tops, with perfectly curled hair and penciled eye brows. The internet has enough primed-to-perfection fitness models teasing us with lengthy-legged yoga poses, sipping on a chia seed avocado smoothies, picturesque ocean-view backdrops and sun-kissed glowing tans. You’re stuck with a pasty lesbian and her hand-cut t-shirts and soccer shorts with a semi-athletic bod I’m afraid.